Open a Dedicated Kore Meltdown bar

Dreamt of owning yourown gaming bar?

Partner up with us and open a dedicated gaming bar under the Kore Meltdown flag. With 21 global locations we are the biggest network of dedicated gaming bars in the world. Doesn’t matter if you have never opened a bar, or if you have no experience with the gaming community – our team is committed to helping all our partners succeed by leveraging our 10-year experience and ensuring your bar will launch and run successfully.

  • A-Z support on launch
  • Global network reach
  • Access to our app to gamify your customer’s experience
  • Social media and marketing support
  • Operational support
  • National events and competitions
  • Gaming station integration and support
  • Gear access

Who are we?

Kore Meltdown @ is a community-first service that partners with local bars and restaurants to get them plugged in and ready to broadcast all the best esports competitions – for you!

Put your bar at the heart of gaming communities.

  • Featured Events

    Join us for fun community events featuring games like League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League, CS:GO, and more!

  • The Best fans in one place

    The best way to enjoy esports is together. We’re committed to providing the best spaces for local communities to gather and share their passions.

  • Total Map Coverage

    Esports is one of the most exciting and fastest growing sources of entertainment in the world. Our goal at Archmage is to create equally exciting new hubs to bring local communities with a shared passion together across North America.

  • Community Growth

    At Kore Meltdown we know how exhilarating it can be to experience the best moments in professional gaming together. That’s why we want to share those incredible moments with all our fellow non-esports patrons, so that the greater esports community continues to grow organically.

  • Communication

    Reach our gaming communities through our social networks, website, newsletter.

Frequently asked questions

Did you not find an answer to your question? Contact us and quickly get the information you need.

  • If my application is incomplete or unsatisfying, will my application be definitively rejected ?

    No, you will receive recommandations on how to complete your application in the best manner. Once you're done, you're free to try again! You've got like, infinite lives.

  • There's already a Kore Meltdown bar open in the city I wish to open a bar, can I still apply ?

    You can contact us to see if there are any exclusivity agreements in place.

  • What material do you provide us with?

    We are constantly changing our number of partners as the network grows. The list of partners available at the moment can be provided by email on request.

  • Can I open a Kore Meltdown bar in any state?

    Anything is possible! Gaming fever is taking over the planet, and we are constantly making our offer available in new territories.

  • Why join Kore Meltdown instead of opening my own gaming bar?

    Joining the Kore Meltdown network means being part of a family, with the reassuring support of experts who have overcome the challenges you are about to face; it means benefiting from a strong brand and proven tools; it means saving time spent prospecting for local or national partners, communicating your brand and fixing the simple but costly mistakes that litter the path of any ambitious project. It also means staying up to date, relying on a team that ensures the brand's durability while maintaining a high degree of flexibility on a daily basis. None of these advantages are absolutely necessary to open a gaming bar, but their cumulative benefit, based on sharing, experience and creativity, is an asset that we think is invaluable in order to put all the chances on your side. Plus, everyone thinks we're cool!